Harp Guitar

What can i begin to say about this wonderful instrument... It is part guitar, with a neck that is fretted, and part harp, or drone strings that are not fretted. I learned about this instrument from a wonderful guitarist named Stephen Bennett. He is what has inspired the way i approach playing both guitar, and harp guitar. The harp guitar that i currently play is a Stephen Bennett model Merrill harp guitar modeled after his Grandfathers Dyer. The album was recorded with a Ron Spillers harp guitar that is owned by Larry Berwald. 

Currently, i am proud to play and represent ToneDevil Harp Guitars. It is the best introductory, and affordable harp guitar on the market. It sounds like a $10k instrument for a fraction of the cost. It is also has some of the best intonation of any guitar ive ever played! Check them out here